06 August 2010

Lakeside = Improved Mental Health

If I had made a list of everything I wanted from our lake vacation, I could have crossed off every one.

We swam. We laid in the grass. We ate good food and drank good drink. We spent time with people we love. We boated. I took lots of photos and daydreamed about upcoming work. Adam fished and watched a fair amount of Mets games (on TV). Most importantly, we stared out at Lake Ontario and thought about nothing at all.

I read recently that sitting beside a body of water will improve your mental health. This was just what the doctor ordered.

And somehow we made it through a 22-hour car ride with a one year-old in two days. Yes, we are insane. But I figure with our improved mental health from sitting beside the lake, we could use a little crazy.

Hands down, this was the best vacation I could have ever wished for. It. was. perfect.
Skitching :)Stylin'

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Christine said...

It looks absolutely PERFECT. I'll take some of that lovely cool northern lake air, please.