02 June 2010

Voting, Cops, and My Neighborhood

Yesterday was the primaries, and I voted and wore my sticker proudly. I admit that I sat down with my ballot and only knew a few names, but I only voted for who I knew and skipped the rest (quite a few!). What's worse is the main reason I voted was because I got to go with Adam, who I hadn't really seen in a few days. I guess that's as good a reason as any, right?

We vote at the school around the corner, so we put Lily in the stroller and walked. We made it two houses down (just past the pink house) and were stopped by two men getting out of a car. They asked if we lived around here and one flashed us a badge he had hanging around his neck under his t-shirt. Turns out he is a detective, and both men proceeded to ask us about our neighbors. But we don't know them much, so we didn't have much to offer.

As we walked away and they walked up to the house, I whispered to Adam that that's great, and he said that indeed it was. Whatever our neighbor is mixed up in, detectives are coming to investigate, and that's a good sign.

For those of us who are a bit disillusioned with our local government, it's good to know that some things are still running as they should. Just like the man who stopped his SUV in front of our house a few weeks back. He stopped to talk to a man walking by as we sat on the porch swing at the end of the day. Then the man got out of the car wearing a bulletproof vest, and we realized he was an undercover cop who was patrolling our street. A little jarring but it definitely makes this mama who spends plenty of nights at home alone feel much much better.


kate o. said...

such excitement in your neighborhood!

we recently had a neighbor's shar pei escape and go on a slightly violent (to other doggies) rampage. 8 cop cars and numerous cops decked out in bulletproof vests made for quite the scene.

Sophia said...

wow it sounds like things are 'exciting' in your neighborhood :) (BTW I love the tidbit of Lily's tongue sticking out in the photo- so cute :) )

BTW, I commented back to you after your post on my blog-
I would be happy to send you some flowers- just let me know which ones you like (or if you would like a diff. color, just tell me what- I have tooo much yarn in the house right now- ha)