10 June 2010


It's about time for a gratitude list, no? I'm thankful for . . .

:: My mom. She visited us for four days, which necessitated a much-needed overnight getaway for Adam and me. She and I also shopped, watched too much HGTV, sat beside Lily's pool, and talked a lot. It was good.

:: Mom's Day Out. Lily is spending her Monday and Wednesday mornings this summer at a church down the street so I can relax and do a little writing. So far, this is very good.

:: Work. I'm grateful for my paid writing gigs and for teaching in fall. I have two sections of Comp 2, which I've never taught. No worries, though, since I have Monday and Wednesday mornings free to prepare. (wink)

:: The reading bug, which has bit me again. Currently reading: Lit by Mary Karr

:: My lovelies. (If I didn't mention them, it wouldn't mean I wasn't grateful for them, would it?)

:: Knowing full well that the days are long but the years are short, and to rest in the moment even when the moment seems unbearable.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

glad your mom got to visit.

the reading bug hit me again, too. too many books out from the library but i'm loving the extra reading time nursing gives me!