21 June 2010

Mirrors & Inspiration Wires

Thriftiness knows no bounds in this house, especially in decorating. I bought these mirrors at Target for $5 a pop, and they show every bit of wonkiness a cheap mirror should (meaning my hip doesn't jut out like that). But our dark living room called for some light-bouncing goodness, and they fit the bill.

Above them is a little strand of twine so I can swap out photos and cards at whim. I've always wanted my own little "inspiration wire" and it was much easier to hang than I guessed. I mean, why didn't I do this before?

[On wire, left to right: Lily's birthday, a Laura Crow Miller postcard from Jenni, Lily at three weeks, a postcard from my friend Jorge, two day-old Lily, and a print from abby try again.


Christine said...

I love it. And your arched doorways!

kate o. said...

you're inspiring me to get some more things up on our walls. i feel like we have more up now than in any other rental but i know i want more. i'm horrible at saying to myself, "but we'll only be here for 1 more year..." or whatever. love that sweet pic of 2 day old lily.