12 May 2010


I know I've said it before, but when life gets hectic or unbearable I'm apt to dig myself a bomb shelter and bury myself in it until things get back to normal. I'd like life to settle down, but is that ever going to happen?

The long and the short of it is things have changed with Adam's job, leaving us a little jarred. And we're all walking around wobbly with our chubby little legs barely holding us up. Could I be more vague? Maybe, but this is all to say that I'm trying to get caught up. There are letters to mailed, clothes to be packed away, articles to be written, friendships to be tended, and a yard sale planned for Saturday.

And the best and worst of it is, I haven't picked up a book in over a week. I've reached my reading saturation point and have gorged a bit on TV. It happens. But I hope I get the itch again soon before I get too far behind on my reading.


Sophia said...

home you can get some relief from the stress that comes with these wierd, cryptic, work-related incidents's. :)
the bright side is you have a little girl with a really cute green butt :)

kate o. said...

sorry, friend. if i lived closer i'd bring over a bottle of wine and split it with you. because i can do that now ;)

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Sophie! I think everything's going to be okay, but life can be so rough.

Kate, you know I'd be on that in a second, if it wasn't a 10 hour (I'm guessing) drive. :)