06 April 2010


:: Another sleepless night last night left me with a killer headache today. I have a hunch I used up all my good sleeping when I was Lily's age. She sleeps like a champ. Mommy stays up all night.

:: I went to get Lily after her nap and found her totally nude. She was sleeping in just a diaper, after getting strawberry juice all over her white shirt, and figured out how to take it off. Hrmph.

:: Big azalea bushes in the yard keep us in endless supply of flowers for the house. Spring is good to us.

:: Looks like I'll be returning to the classroom in the fall, for at least one composition class, if not two.

:: I wrote myself some rules for writing last night. You know, instead of actually writing. It includes: "Don't worry about being a sh*tty, sh*tty writer," "Be brave," and "Write as early in the day as you can. Then later in the day you can drink beer guilt free."

:: Where the Wild Things Are was not the masterpiece I was expecting. Maybe turning picture books into full-length feature films isn't such a hot idea. Just a thought.

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