09 February 2010

Beautiful Winter

It was like seeing snow for the first time. Not because Lily was seeing it for the first time, but because I had my camera by my side to capture every inch of the magic. I love winter and I miss the snow and, no, my brain didn't freeze while I was up north. I've always been partial to cold weather.

I mean, look how pretty!

On our trip I was able to push pause, set aside my to-do list, and simply rest. I didn't read much, watched too much TV, drank a lot of wine, and took a ton of photographs. Driving to the airport I told Adam how I felt rejuvenated, whole, like myself. Exactly what I needed.


kate o. said...

i wish my last trip had been full of a lot of wine ;)

glad you feel rested. beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Alina said...

Love the 7th one down with the snow falling. So lovely!