14 January 2010

This Week

So, um, where did this week go? It's been all painting, decorating, organizing, photo snapping, entertaining, and trying to find some quiet so I can read around here. Then I look up and it's Thursday. I guess the week just got away from me.

Even though I think we have a decent routine, and I'm spoiled because my husband is home a lot, it doesn't take much to throw it all out of whack. I like to spend morning's naptime with a cup of coffee and a book (and perhaps my journal, which is quickly filling up) and afternoon's naptime trying to catch a little shuteye and working on projects. But this week -- oh, this week.

At any rate, I did manage to get a book read. That makes three. I'm in good shape so far. I hope everyone else trying read 52 books this year is as well. The other morning, when chatting with a group of moms, I mentioned the project and was met with flabbergasted faces. I have time to read? Why, yes. Yes, I do. I also told them about taking a photograph every day. That project was met with much more enthusiasm.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

you've inspired me to get moving in the decorating department when i get back. i've got an old dresser that has been stashed away forever. i WILL paint it when i get home.