20 November 2009


I finished my first arm warmer last night, weaving in the ends as Adam and I watched The Office and 30 Rock. I love Thursdays, not just because of the primetime TV but also because it's the beginning of my weekend. Thursdays I allow myself to do whatever I want. I don't have to grade papers or clean the house or exercise, unless I want to. And yesterday I wanted to knit.

This morning one of the pipes beneath the kitchen sink broke. I was busy writing, so Adam gathered Lily and went to the hardware store. I sat at the computer feeling a little fragile and wishing I had something interesting to say. I drank my coffee and fidgeted with my one arm warmer while my other arm remained chilly. Even the sunlight bursting through the window beside my desk wasn't shaking me my from my funk.

But upon their return, Adam walked into our bedroom with Lily and a dozen roses, which he insisted were from her. I held them to her face so she could smell them, but she tasted them instead. Adam said she cried the entire time they were at the florist because the woman behind the counter was Korean and had a thick accent. Apparently we don't expose Lily to enough Korean people. We'll have to do something about that, I suppose.

The flowers came with a promise of lunch at our favorite pub downtown. The weather is cool and sunny today, so I hope to sit outside, drink a brew, and eat a large cheeseburger. It's a good Friday!