12 November 2009


When my mom came to visit this past weekend, I knew what I wanted us to do. I wanted her to show me how to knit arm warmers. Since last year, I've wanted a pair, and even found these ones, which are gorgeous but expensive. After talking with my mom, she assured me that even with my novice knitting skills (my repertoire includes a scarf and half of another one) I could knit my some for myself.

I wanted to knit these, but they're a bit complicated, so I'm using this pattern. We had to modify it, though, because the woman who wrote the pattern apparently has tiny arms. Instead of 42 stitches, I have 57, and I'm making them 15 inches instead of 12.

In looking for a pattern, I signed up for Ravelry. The site is addictive. I spent at least an hour looking at patterns for things I'd like to make in the future, especially for Lily. If you knit, it's a must. If you're looking for free patterns, it's a must. Like this cute sweater pattern. Swoon.


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Good luck with your arm warmers! I just learned to knit this year, and I'm taking an arm warmers class at my local yarn shop. I'm on Ravelry- Waldeck Dry Goods. I'll be back to check out more of your blog later! =)

jenni said...

If only you lived here to give me lessons! Well done, friend. :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Addie! I'm glad you stopped by. I just found you on Ravelry and added you as a friend. I love that little pumpkin hat. So cute!

Jenni, I'd be glad to show you whenever we finally get a chance to meet. :)