30 September 2009

30 Days of Happiness | This Living Stuff

It must be the weather. Every moment is delicious, even those that keep us inside. Just knowing that it's crisp outside rather than humid is enough to give me pause. This is my favorite time of year, with the ushering in of a spring a close second.

To celebrate, I flipped on our new oven and made my own rendition of Molly's banana bread. I threw in some nuts and chocolate chunks for good measure, and ditched the cinnamon crumble topping. And I accidentally undercooked it, so it's kinda gooey but good nonetheless. It went down perfectly with a strong cup of coffee.

A few days ago, I read Emily's post on her celebration of Rosh Hashanah. That the Jewish new year coincides with the onset of autumn is enough to make me consider converting to Judaism (almost). It's time to take inventory of life, let go of the past, learn from mistakes, and adjust. What I found most beautiful was this quote that Emily included in her description:
When we really begin a new year it is decided . . . who shall be truly alive, and who shall merely exist.
That is what it's all about, isn't it? This living stuff.

Here's wishing you a bounty of new beginnings and the determination to truly live!


kate o. said...

the bread looks quite good. you should try her banana bread recipe from her book - chocolate and candied ginger. so good!

Lindsay said...

That sounds heavenly.