29 September 2009

30 Days of Happiness | Staying Outside

I suppose it's not the smartest idea to start a project like "30 Days of Happiness" when I know that the change of seasons is going to drive me outside and far, far away from the computer. It seems like 30 days is quickly becoming 28 or 27, but I'll persevere.

Today was the first cool day of fall. I opened the door this morning to let the dog out and took a deep breath. It was cool. Fall is here. Of course, cool is a relative term -- it was still in the low 80s.

The day was spent taking a walk, going for a run, sipping coffee on the back patio, sitting on the front porch, walking to the pizza place, and sitting with friends on the patio, drinking beer and eating pizza. I hesitate to say it was a perfect day, but it was darn near close. And this grainy, gritty photo is all I have to show for it.

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