06 October 2009

30 Days of Happiness | Sitting Up, Sort Of

I must have watched this a hundred times today and laughed my head off every time. I hope I get to show it at Lily's graduation party, or maybe her wedding. We'll see.


alissa wilkinson said...


Did you make the sweater? I can't remember if you knit. :)

Sophia said...

LOL very cute!
It made me laugh too, I love how the dog tried to lick her and keep her up, too. haha

Jen said...

That is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Alissa, I didn't make this sweater, but I'm trying to be a knitter. I want to make some arm warmers for whenever it cools down around here.

Sophie, I kept having to push our dog off the bed. It was cute but annoying. :)

Jen, thanks.