03 October 2009

30 Days of Happiness | Farmers Marketing

After months of being closed, the farmers market reopened this morning. And because it was a bright, cool fall morning and Lily was being particularly whiny, we made our way downtown to wander around and assess the offerings.

It was surprisingly quiet. Over the summer, tons of people poured their way through the sidewalks to get their share, but not today. I prefer it quiet, especially when maneuvering the stroller around dogs and people who are trying to catch a smile from this little face.
We ended up with quite the bounty: breakfast bread and a cranberry scone, cranberry walnut goat cheese, satsumas, yellow squash, and spearmint beeswax lip balm.

I'm sure it's trite to say that I love patronizing local vendors, that the bread and goat cheese in particular are from people who are kind and caring and live in my own community, but I'm glad to buy what they bring. I'm glad to find out that the ladies who make the goat cheese can't make a recommendation because they love each flavor so much. I'm happy to know one of them is weeks away from giving birth and that the bakers are doing well in their business. It's good to see familiar faces. If only they could furnish our entire repertoire of foodstuffs.

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