10 September 2009

Settling In

This is it. We officially live in a new home, though I use the word live loosely considering the house still looks like a bomb exploded inside it. Where did all this stuff come from?

We're chipping away at it a little at a time. Piles are being sorted into things we plan to keep and those we're going to sell. Decorations are being hung. We're making decent progress.

But, as is apt to happen in a house that's been unoccupied for four months, there have been a few surprises. First, the vent on top of the water heater has a hole in it and the gas man wouldn't turn it on because of the carbon monoxide hazard. It's supposed to be fixed tomorrow. Until then, no hot water. Then, last night we went to use the oven and, lo and behold, it didn't turn on. Gas came out of it, but the oven stayed cool. This, too, should be resolved tomorrow.

The good news is that we've met quite a few of the neighbors and they are terribly nice. They want to trade phone numbers and recipes and wave hello and know our names. I'm literally in neighbor heaven. And there's a young couple who live next door. Adam has already made plans to watch football with them.

Also, when the cable guy came to hook us up, he had no filters to limit us to basic cable, so we now get 77 channels but only pay for 20. Is this better than a hot shower? No, but it's close.

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Allie said...

Congratulations on your new home!!! Hope you get hot water soon!