15 September 2009

30 Days of Happiness | Morning Cuddles

The day just begins better with a cuddle. Having been up since 5:45 a.m., unable to fall back to sleep after feeding Lily, I needed a morning of lying around with my girl, taking note of her little hands and feet, and the way she giggles at the dog doing her dog things.

We had nowhere to go, so we just lingered. I kissed her. The dog kissed her. She wiggled around and made snow angels in the sheets. And we just enjoyed being together.


Jen said...

That is great! When was Lily born? She's also a cutie! How is she sleeping at night? Leah is usually up 2-3 times a night still, but it's better than it was! Are you still nursing her too?

Lindsay said...

Hi Jen! Lily was born on May 1. She does pretty good at night, only getting up once. She's been a good sleeper all along. I think I'm a bit spoiled. And I am still nursing her! I hope to until she's a year old. Are you?

Jen said...

You're blessed with a good sleeper! Waking up once a night is very odd for Leah, but she did it last night! Wahoo for me! She is usually up 2-3 times a night. Yes, I am still nursing Leah too! She isn't too fond of real food anyway, she will eat some organic toasted oats (knock off of cherios), and some applesauce every once in a while, but other than that she's exclusively breastfed. I am going to let Leah nurse as long as she wants... although, I will not be one of those moms nursing an 8 year old ;). Are you planing on having more kids?

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you got to sleep last night! Despite Lily being a great sleeper, I've had a lot of trouble sleeping over the past two months or so. At first I couldn't fall asleep, then I was waking up for hours in the middle of the night, and most recently I have had trouble falling asleep after nursing Lily around 5. Last night was a good night's sleep for me, too, though!

Lily's taken to her cereal, but it's really too early to tell what she thinks of real food. I'm surprised Leah doesn't like it, but she will eventually (at least by the time she's 8, right?).

When was Leah born? She looks to be a little older than Lily. We do want one more kid in about three years or so. Our plan is to move back north before getting pregnant again, so we'll be closer to our families. Where are you located?

(Also, if you prefer to email instead of commenting back and forth, email me at lindsayecrandall@gmail.com.)