18 July 2009

New Digs

This is it! Our new abode. We spent yesterday cleaning and found that there's a bit of a flea problem that's supposed to be resolved today. So, we're not quite ready to move in, but we're still aiming to be moved by the 1st. (I'd hate to come back from sitting on the beach all week only to move more of our stuff.)

At the end of our busy day, we found ourselves at our favorite local establishment that, coincidentally, has the best happy hour around. The servers fawned over Lily, and we chatted with a few who knew us from a year ago when we were regulars. After a hard day's work, there's nothing like an ice cold Blue Moon straight from the tap (and, thankfully, lactating mommies can drink occasionally due to the marvel of pumped breast milk).
I took Lily to the park to run this morning. She cried the whole time. Then we got in the car to drive home and she started singing to herself. Go figure. At home, she quickly went to sleep. Lately, she flips from her tummy to her back when she wakes up, and coos and sings instead of crying. I didn't know such little babies did these things, but it's the cutest thing ever. Today, Adam is working, and I've been lying around all day thinking about how the house is a mess and there's no reason to clean it. I may be the laziest person ever.


jenni said...

CUTE house! Please tell me you're gonna get a porch swing? :)

kate o. said...

love that house!

and beer and mama milk make a good combo in my book ;)

Lindsay said...

Jenni, a porch swing may be in the works (I've always wanted one!).

And Kate, thank you. How are things at your new digs?

aka Caitlin said...

Gorgeous house! Your pictures are lovely... thanks for sharing with the world! :)