11 July 2009

Morning, Afternoon, Evening

I put the finishing touches on this shirt from Alabama Stitch Book. I got the book from the library a week after Lily was born, but it wasn't until I saw how simple it was for Kate to make this shirt for her son that I decided I'd give it shot. Two days later, voila!

After bouncing the idea around since Lily's arrival, Adam and I flipped through the classifieds for houses to rent. We found one a few blocks from where we live that's about the same size as our current house (minus one bathroom) that rents for $200 less than what we're paying now. So, we got to take a gander and it is wonderful -- big fenced-in back yard, huge kitchen, carpets. We're filling out an application and keeping our fingers crossed.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries moved in down the street, so we thought we'd give it a shot for lunch. So did about fifty other people, leaving us to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Lily pitched a fit while we were there and we left early -- the joys of parenthood.

We came home, napped, watched our new favorite show, Burn Notice (which makes me want to visit Miami -- ahem, Kate), and I went for a run, two and a half miles without stopping. Small victories.

Adam is grilling chicken and I'm making this couscous. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, so I want to soak up every second we have before the sun sets and the mosquitoes start getting frisky. I'm also glad that we have Lily, who keeps us in at night, because Adam just told me about tonight's UFC fight that we could be watching at Hooters. Thank God we're not.

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kate o. said...

love love love it! great job. and wasn't it fun to do? i liked the embroidery part.

and you can come visit any time. though i guess i will be living 60 miles north so it's not really miami. still - i have a guest house and a pool waiting!