13 July 2009

Life's a Beach

Hello. I'm tired. I was up way, way, way too late last night. Why? you ask. Because we're moving. In the next two weeks. Two weeks! Oh my goodness.

Last evening, we traded a check for a lease to the house we looked at Saturday morning. The weekend was a whirlwind and we got back from signing the lease, sat down, and I kept repeating, "I can't believe we just did that." As I tried to sleep, I was overwrought by my excitement and anxiety. Mostly, I'm afraid we're going to have to pare down our stuff a lot to fit into the new place. We already have nowhere to store our things, and this problem isn't going to disappear. But, as a trade off, we're getting carpeted floors (for Lily as she starts scooting and so we won't hear the cat thumping around all night), fans in every room, insulation (no kidding), a huge kitchen, a big backyard with a hammock (awesome!), and an extra $200 in our pockets at the end of the month. Not too shabby.

Our plan is to be in the new place by August 1, when we go on vacation for a week. Wish us luck.

Today, we drove south to visit a friend at the beach. Adam and I had an hour or so to sit on the beach, discuss the next few months of our lives, relax, and work on our tans (which are sorely lacking). These are the important things in life, especially when you have someone to watch your baby for a while.

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