02 March 2009

Weekend Windup

Adam and I spent all weekend together, and it was superb. Saturday, we busied ourselves with grocery shopping before swapping our bedroom for the spare room and setting up all the baby stuff in our former room. We have a lot more room in our bedroom now -- and had one of those "why didn't we think of this before?" moments -- and the bassinet is sitting along my side of the bed, ready for baby to come slumber. I also baked bread and made more granola and generally did too much. After all the standing and moving, my body hurt, especially my feet.

Our birth class was Saturday afternoon, so we headed to the hospital, got a tour of the maternity ward, and learned quite a bit. I left satisfied with our choice of where our child is born. Many of the nurses are proponents of natural birth, and they can make accommodations for things on a birth plan, like having a rocking chair or birth ball and being able to eat popsicles. I can also get a portable fetal monitor so I can walk around and not be confined to the bed. While we were there, we signed up for the natural childbirth class, the first of which is next Sunday.

I'll admit that the trepidation I was feeling about motherhood is quickly melting away. I'm going to be a mommy, and I'm darned excited about it!

Yesterday was a lazy day, as I expected after our busy Saturday. I did the laundry, took a long nap, and finished a book. We grilled burgers, even though it was quite frigid and blustery, and ate salad with homemade croutons. Then, I talked to my mom and made plans for her to come visit right after the baby is born.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. I hope yours was equally great!

PS. I did take my project 365 pictures but didn't take time to get on the computer to post them. I will today. Also, this week is green week, hosted by Emily, and I'm an eager participant (though I forgot all about it until today).


Bethany said...

i wonder once you are in labor if your idea of what types of things you are going to want to do will really happen or if they'll change :) i remember the things i was thinking as i went into labor and what ended up happening was 19 hours of me laying on the bed begging for everyone to not make me move. i just wanted to lay there! i know other people who have been completely the opposite. so i'm interested to see what will happen in your own personal story :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Bethany. I'm interested to see too. I figure it's better to plan for what I want and if it doesn't work out, that's okay. I mostly don't want to *have* to be stuck in the bed.

We'll see. :)

jenni said...

I think it's great how natural birth-friendly your hospital is. And I'm so glad you're now excited! :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Jenni. Me too!