11 July 2011

Hot Links

If I thought we were going to escape the heat by moving north, I was wrong. The other night, when Lily wouldn't fall asleep for anything, I called my dad to see if he would bring over his air conditioner window unit. Thankfully he did and thankfully Lily went right to sleep after we installed it. Afterward he stood in our foyer and said that he didn't know how they did it when I was a kid, except that they didn't know the difference. Back then, few people had air conditioners and for so many summers, we suffered through the stuffiness that comes with a house that baked in the sun all day.

Then I moved south and got spoiled by air conditioning.

Now we have an air conditioning unit in each upstairs bedroom, but the bottom floor is sticky and hot. Every fan in the house is at full speed and cooking is not an option. Today it was ninety degrees. In a few days it will even out again.

So, I thought a few links were in order. Here's what I've been into lately:

This essay makes me want to start writing letters again.

Slow parenting? I like this idea. A lot.

Adele has been on constant rotation in our house. This song give me goosebumps every time. This one makes me get up and dance every time.

I want to make one of these and hang it over my bed. And then make another for the living room, and another as a present. Looks simple enough, doesn't it?

And I have high ambitions of knitting this before autumn.

This weekend I got not one but two "tattoos", both on my left hand. The first was a smiley face; the second, a house. Both were from the Corn Hill Arts Festival. Lily liked turning my hand over and checking my tattoos; I liked washing them off.

I'm gleefully into Howards End, but can't help but compare it to Zadie Smith's On Beauty. Not sure if that's a good thing yet.

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Matthew said...

I'm digging the links. Hopefully I'll have enough time to get through them tomorrow :)