17 June 2011

Running Around

This morning Lily and I had breakfast at a diner with my mom. Then we walked up and down the canal path, looking at boats and waiting for trains to pass nearby. When we were done we returned to my mom's house and ran around in the yard with my brother Alex.

The idea of home is so lost on me right now. We're living, yes, but we're not home. Not for another two weeks, it looks like. But there is still the familiar. The Erie Canal is one of them. Of course, my mom's house is another. The story of who I am is tucked inside of these things, and sharing them with Lily is precious. For her, it's all new and, in many ways, seeing familiar places and people feels new for me too.

When we got out Lily's toys and all started playing together, I thought of things I haven't thought of in a long time. Like the summer nights we'd all spend shooting hoops until dark or playing catch in the front yard.

Lately, Adam and I take Lily and Penny out in the yard after dinner. Adam throws the ball, Penny chases it, and Lily runs around squealing at it all. The other night, I kicked off my shoes and chased her around, blue skies overhead and sun still hours from setting. It is good to have a place to run around and people to run around with. It is good to have a glimpse of home even if you're not there yet.


My latest essay is up at the Art House blog, about home, family, and baseball. You can read it here.

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A. Jarrett said...

I feel like I'll be in the same boat - moving soon, and not sure about where we are actually going.

Love these captures!