31 March 2011

Chasing Bubbles and Kicking Balls

Today was surprisingly cool. The last few weeks have steadily gotten warmer and more humid. We spent most of our day at the zoo sweating, and frankly it just seems too early. When the rains came through yesterday, it brought a cold front and today the temps never broke 70. It was awesome.
So Lily and I spent the late afternoon blowing bubbles. But what really happened is that I spent a half hour trying to simultaneously blow bubbles and snap photos of them as they blew all over the yard. It's not as easy as it sounds. Eventually I looked over at Lily. She had stopped chasing bubbles and sat down to eat a snack, which meant, "Mommy, this is getting old."
I admit that it was. Sometimes I pick up my camera and get so involved in what I'm doing that I forget what I should be doing. I stopped shooting the bubbles and started shooting Lily. She got up and grabbed a ball, and I finally put the camera down and we kicked it around the yard. Together.

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