22 February 2011

Notes from Recent Days

The notes I took about the past few days:
  • Trying to remember every moment
  • Lily's curls
  • Tumbling down the stairs
  • The things I hide in books only to find later
    The open door & letting her play outside
  • Climbing, standing on the chairs
  • Baby babble
  • Making hard choices for the sake of the gospel
  • Being @ home = stability
  • Feez = please
  • little closed-mouth, puckered kisses

Does that make sense?
  • I sat on the back steps watching Lily run through the yard and tried to capture it all in my mind. But I knew, no matter how hard I tried, I would never remember it all. 
  • Her curls have been in full blast with the warmer weather. With warm weather comes moisture and with moisture comes curls. On Lily, this is cute (on Mommy, not so much).
  • Last night, as we made dinner, Lily stepped too close to the back steps and rolled down them. I ran outside, scooped her up, and wiped away her tears. As soon as she knew she was all right, she wanted down.
  • I often stuff papers in books and in random places around the house, only to find them later and reminisce. It's not something I do on purpose, but something I often enjoy.
  • Nice weather = lots of time outside = making dinner in peace while Lily entertains herself = awesome.
  • Lily is in a climbing phase. She climbs on the chairs and the trunk in the hall and the stairs and the coffee table. And then she stands, which gives Adam and me a nervous disorder.
  • Lily is a motormouth, like I've heard all little girls are, and even though she knows quite a few words, when she gets going we don't have the foggiest clue what in the world she's saying. Mostly I respond by saying, "Really?" Because, really?!
  • I lamented to my young moms' group how hard it is to constantly be an example for the sake of the gospel. It seems like so many of our choices are hard, and we make them because we love Jesus. Don't get me wrong, it's the right thing and totally worth it, but being an example all the time can be hard.
  • One of those hard choices is me mostly staying at home and hemming my many work projects around being a mom. I often think of the stable foundation that's being laid in Lily's life and how it will affect her later on. I am always here, and she has very little to worry about. I think that's good.
  • Feez is Lily's please. She uses it a lot, especially when she wants more of something. We're still working on Thank you.
  • And Lily has finally mastered the art of a closed-mouth smooch, which is a good thing indeed.


Christine said...

I love everything about this. Beautiful photos, too. Sweet little "feez". I can't wait for that stage :) And I think being a stay-at-home-mom is the hardest job I've ever had in my life. It's also the most wonderful because even though I'm utterly exhausted at the end of the day I got to spend my moments pouring into my child's life, teaching her, and "laying the stable foundation" as you said. So, I agree, as you said, that it is good :)

kate o. said...

those! photos! i'm so bummed about my film camera. i'm hoping it won't cost too much to fix. wishful thinking???