08 February 2011

I Should

This is not a post where I talk about wine, but I should. I should talk about about how tonight is the first night I've had a glass of wine in many nights because I've been sick-as-a-dog sick. I should talk about how I have a thousand deadlines and barely a lick of energy.

I should talk about how I was glad to come across an old photograph that my brother posted on Facebook, one that I took a few years ago, one that makes me think I might actually have had this photography knack all along.

I should talk about how it makes me feel to read the bible to Lily, to tell her that Jesus loves her and mean it, to light up when she points her first finger in the air as I sing "This Little Light of Mine."

I should talk about where I was a year ago in my faith walk and where I am now, how I often have to remind myself that I don't have to be that year-ago person anymore.

I should talk about how everything seems to be up in the air, how we've had to make some hard decisions in favor of potentially better decisions, how we're just trusting, and how that's really, really hard.

But really what I should say is that a glass of wine, some good bread, and loved ones nearby is enough. Good photographs certainly help.

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Christine said...

This is so beautiful...looks like communion. I'm so behind on reading my favorite blogs, including yours! Such is the nature of our days right now but that is okay, it'll slow down at some point :) Until then I will peek in whenever I can! I love all of your photos lately and always love hearing your thoughts about life and motherhood.