10 January 2011

Right Now

Lily has been waking in the middle of the night for hours on end. Then she falls back asleep. Mommy doesn't.

In my tired delirium I have been making plans I am currently incapable of executing and writing business proposals that will someday come in handy.

Meanwhile I'm shooting my first roll of black and white film. It's 36 exposures, which feels like a lot after shooting so many rolls of 24. I also have plans to send it off for developing, so the waiting will go on.

I went back through the film shots I didn't post for one reason or another and finding that I like some of them. Like these two. They didn't turn out like I planned, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. Surely that's a life lesson.

I found a spot on my digital photos, which leads me to believe my lens needs cleaning. This is a major bummer. (If you look at the tutorial photos you can see it in the lower left corner. See it? How's that for a humbling, first-tutorial experience?)

We have been watching too much Dexter on Netflix. Our Christmas gift to ourselves was a Blu-Ray player that streams Netflix and a few other programs. Fun, but dangerous. Last night I actually dreamed about Dexter. I think I need to find a good book to read.

Right now Adam is at a friend's house watching the football game and I'm baking Snickerdoodles to take to the food pantry at church tomorrow. Somehow I managed to burn my arm and set the timer for an empty oven. Which means that it's probably my bedtime.


Alina said...

So YOU are the other ones hooked to watching all 4 seasons of Dexter on Netflix! :-) I figured there were others out there just like us. We've spent the last week and a half obsessively watching the first two seasons. As we wait for the third season to arrive in the mail, and Matt remarks to me yesterday "What will I do with my life?" And I dreamed about Dexter all night long a few nights ago.

On another note, I just discovered your tutorials, and I'm excited to read them.

Lindsay said...

Alina, we couldn't wait for Netflix and got season 3 from the library. It's such a good show (though a bit gratuitous at times, no?).

sandra said...

my camera is having the same issues...i know i need to bring it in for a good cleaning, but i hate letting it go. and Dexter is next on my list to watch. we've been watching (totally addicted) to True Blood and have just finished watching the first two seasons, but have to wait for season 3 on dvd or subscribe to hbo... so, while i'm waiting, i thought Dexter would be a good way to pass the time since i've only heard good things about the show :)

i'm hoping that your evenings are a little more restful this week? fingers crossed!

Lindsay said...

Sandra, I tried watching True Blood, but I couldn't get into it. You'll like Dexter, though, I'm sure!

Alina said...

You guys were smart to go with the library on Season 3. Matt checked the mailbox faithfully for days until we got it, only to find out that each disc they send only has 3 episodes each. Only 3!!! That's one night for us, easily. And yes, the show is so unrealistic and unnecessary. But they get suspense and irony right. :-)