24 January 2011

Raking Leaves in January

This weekend, in addition to grocery shopping, party going, staying up all night with a cranky teething toddler, and watching football, we raked the front yard. Finally. And by we I mean Adam and Lily. I jumped in leaf piles and snapped photos.

Nothing like lying in a pile of leaves, no matter what season the calendar says.
Adam worked and Lily worked. Gotta start 'em young. Note how Lily sticks her tongue out while she's raking because she's concentrating so hard (and showing Daddy she's doing a good job).
At the end of it all I got Adam to take a photo of me and our girl. Though getting her to look at the camera when I'm looking at the camera and for us both to be smiling is impossible. Someday we'll get it t


Anonymous said...

I love this post. Love love love. Lily is so cute!

kate o. said...

i think that last pic is great of you two. and the tongue is quite cute.