02 January 2011

Pink Sunset

Tonight, while feeding Lily dinner, I remarked to Adam that the pink house nextdoor looked especially pink tonight. "Might be the sun setting," he said. "You should run out back and take a picture."

Instead I grabbed both cameras and ran out the front door, mumbling something about being back in a minute. I walked around the corner to the high school where I knew the football field would give me the large sky I was hoping for. And it did.

It was pink and it was gorgeous and I'm glad I chased it down.

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. Maybe it's a post-holiday slump. Maybe I just need something new. Maybe I need a photography mentor. I don't know.

I read through Bryan Peterson's Learning to See Creatively in two days, and it helped. A lot.

So did this sunset, which was more magnificent than any photograph could capture. For someone who swore she wouldn't pick up either camera today and ended up shooting an entire roll of film and a pink sunset, I would say that I was inspired enough. A good feeling.

[Incidentally, Peterson's Understanding Exposure, which I read last year, changed the way I take pictures. His books are really, really helpful, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to be a better photographer.]


sandra said...

Beautiful sunset!

I read Peterson's Understanding Exposure a few years ago, but have never read Learning to See Creatively. I put that on my library list for today. And I'm dropping off my next roll for developing. :)

It certainly sounds like you found some inspiration!

Lindsay said...

Hi Sandra! I think you'll like Learning to See Creatively. It was a good reminder about things like composition.

I dropped off film today too! :)