22 December 2010

Notes from Wednesday

I thought our super-late Christmas cards would go out today, but they won't. It will have to be tomorrow. I just can't fathom toting Lily to the post office alone this afternoon.

I did manage to get photos printed to go with the cards, though the quality of the prints proved to me that you get when you pay for one-hour drug-store photo printing, expect the quality of one-hour drug-store photo printing (aka. streaks).

I researched more about white lights turning pink on film and what it boils down to is wavelengths of the light and the way they reflect off the lens. A filter would be necessary to combat their pink-ness, but most of what I read was like reading the manual to my car. I sort of understood but not really.

And I still didn't get an answer as to why this doesn't happen with the digital camera.

Last night Adam and I went to what is perhaps the most civilized Christmas party we've ever attended. No one was screaming or cursing or drinking massive amounts of hard liquor and getting sick afterward. In fact, at the party last night, everyone sat around the fire and spoke in normal voices and drank wine and had a lovely time. It was a real grownup party.

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house on hill road said...

that first photo - the one of all the photos? LOVE.
merry christmas, lindsay. i hope you have a fantastic one.