28 October 2010

Catching up


This week has been a blur of sick toddler, sinus headaches that must rival migraines, and general ickyness. I'd like to say that we're all better, but we're not. I spent part of last night up with the mother of all sinus pain and most of the morning in bed watching movies on Netflix and thanking God that Adam was home to take care of Lily. Sadly he's gone for the next two and a half days.

So it goes around here.

I am learning that I can only do what I have to do today, which mostly includes making sure everyone is clothed, fed, bathed, and read to (over and over and over again). Anything more than that is a victory, whether it's grading papers or writing articles.

The tasks in my life have certainly shifted and, surprisingly, so have my attitudes about them. The house has not been cleaned, but the laundry is getting done. I have a stack of papers to grade, but I also have a toddler who brings me a book to read to her every five minutes. I'm not annoyed by any of this. This is my life right now. Someday when I have more time I will do more things that I want. What I want right now is to be here taking care of my family.

Though, I'll admit the teaching and the writing gigs help.

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