27 September 2010

Round Here

Vintage sewing
There is sewing on Adam's late grandmother's sewing machine. There is also knitting and lots of doodling.
On the line
The laundry gets done but only diapers make it out on the line.
Calaghan's, lunch
Adam and I get lunch alone on Fridays he's home. We have a whole hour and a half to ourselves.
Inside the gift shop
We praise the Lord through our circumstances. We also go to church, a church we like a lot.
Wine. Table.
We drink wine and beer. Because people who love God can also enjoy booze.
Just because
I make lots of baby pigtails, which require combing and yanking and cajoling but are totally worth it.
Laughing babe
We also laugh. As much as we can.
We have lunches that are pulled apart, examined, and sometimes eaten.
Pigtails, again
Lily plays with firetrucks and reads lots and lots of books (over and over again).
I love these two
We make the best of the time we have together. After weekends like this one, where Adam is missing for days on end, his return is a breath of fresh air.


Christine said...

Love everything about this post. Especially the wine and the laughs.

kate o. said...

the colors in all these make me feel like i'm looking through an old album. love that.