20 September 2010

Kids Clothing Challenge Week

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This week is Kids Clothing Challenge Week. It's quite simple: Work on making clothing for kids for one hour each day for a week. I've picked up knitting again in an effort to force fall to get here sooner, so I decided it would be a good week to make this hat for Lily, again. An hour a day, though, may not get me very far. All those tiny stitches. In spite of myself I'm using #3 needles, which if memory serves caused my fingers a fair share of pain last year. The yarn is cotton, very fine and very soft. It should be cute when I'm done.

I'd also like to sew her a dress from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby and eventually (!!!) knit her a sweater. Maybe for Christmas.

But first things first.


Molly said...

You might want to try bamboo or wood needles? I know that once I switched, my hands hurt a lot less and felt less crampy when I made small projects.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Molly. I have other sizes in bamboo and like them better, but I couldn't justify the expense. I don't usually use the #3 needles anyway. :)