31 August 2010

Time Spent Alone

I'm learning the value of time spent alone. I used to have a lot of it; now I don't have enough. Now I have to schedule it in and make sure Adam is home to watch Lily. I have to find something to do outside of the house, and hopefully it's something that doesn't cost much money, which requires some planning and ingenuity.

Thank goodness I have my camera.

This morning I wandered the grounds of a nearby monastery. I scoured the gift shop and its many relics, prayer cards, and crosses. I talked with the women who worked there, who suggested I go to the chapel next. I sat in the chapel for a long time, looking around, wondering about all the saints, reading every stained glass window. I looked for a bible or a prayer book, but couldn't find one. I knelt and prayed and sat in silence. I'm grateful for a little rest.

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