13 August 2010



Today I did something I haven't done in a long, long time. I dropped off a roll of film to be developed and later picked it up the prints. Feels like old times. While we were in New York my old film camera that I used in college was returned to me. It's a Pentax ZX-M and it shoots good old 35mm film. My dad even gave me an expired roll he still had so I could get started.

I was pleased with most of the photos I shot, and I learned a few things.

1. Expired film kicks butt. It has that aged grainy look that makes film look cool.

2. I need to wear my glasses when I shoot. The camera lens doesn't have autofocus and I'm nearsighted. A few of the photos are out of focus. Oops!

3. Scanning photos is the worst. I spent a ton of time today scanning and rescanning because of dust on the glass and a random staple that made its way onto a couple of scans. Oops again. I'll definitely pay the few extra bucks to get the photos put on a CD to save myself the headache.

4. Overall, film is fun. I bought five more rolls and can't wait to keep going.

So here's my gratuitous solicitation of the day: If you have any rolls of film that you don't see yourself using any time soon (or ever), would you mind sending them my way? Expired or not, whatever brand -- I'm not picky. If you mail it, I'll reimburse you the cost of postage and be your friend forever. Leave me a comment or email me if you do!

Happy weekending!

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Christine said...

I love it! The photos do have a great quality about them! All the Italy photos on my site were taken with film and I love the grainy look. Oh, and my mom refuses to give up her film camera. CVS won't even develop them on-site anymore so she has to send them off to be processed - ha!