06 July 2010

At the Pink House

6 July
A strange noise prompted Adam to poke his head out the front door this afternoon. He returned and told me they were taking the ramp down next door, the one that led from the porch to the front walk. Our neighbor has been battling cancer, and we heard that she is coming into her last days. She and her husband had traveled to Houston for a rigorous round of chemo, but she was only getting sicker. Now she's at a nearby hospital and today the ramp came down. Though we don't know if she passed today, she won't be returning home.

We aren't particularly close with the couple in the pink house. She's been sick as long as we've lived here, so we've only visited with them a few times. But I must look at that house a hundred times a day. Every time I think of her. Every time I offer a little prayer for them.

This is a helpless and sad feeling I have.

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jenni said...

Sad & beautiful, Lindsay. I will pray, too.