25 May 2010

Right Now

I like . . .

Gin and tonic. Not sure if it was all the Mad Men I watched recently or this post about the delights of g&t, but Adam and I have been sipping on them all week. Goes great with a porch swing.

My church family. This week was Pentecost. Lots of talk about community. Lots of people showing me that they really love me. And for me, lots of reading 2 Corinthians 4.

Downtown Chic. 9 by Design is one of my favorite shows. Robert and Cortney Novogratz own their own design company and live in NYC with their seven children. It's inspiring and fun and they seem to embrace the chaos in their lives rather than fight it. With seven kids, I guess there isn't much choice. But watching the show and reading this book has reminded me that I need to lighten up and enjoy my life. And have great style.

This little video. Seriously, we should all be so thankful.


jessieknits said...

I've been enjoying g&ts lately as well. Have you ever thought of infusing gin? I had some amazing ginger lime infused gin over the weekend. I'm going to make some and it will be our summer drink.

marti said...

how awesome is Jessica? I fully intend to start each day just like her, if I don't fall off the bathroom sink!