19 March 2010

This Week

We filled out and sent off our 2010 Census.

[PSA: I am surprised at how many people don't know that you only have to fill out question 1: How many people live in your house? The rest is voluntary. The government doesn't need all that other info to figure out how many representatives your state gets. And, no, I'm not a paranoid conspiracy theorist.]
We visited a farm in Mississippi to see about getting in a CSA. Finally, a CSA near us. They're even going to have a pickup point in West Mobile, so we won't have to drive to MS every week to get our box. Now just have to save our pennies. I took care of a sick little girl. She has been having tummy issues, and we're going on three days now. I won't get into the details. But I will say that this is one of the less glamorous parts of motherhood.I reveled in the late afternoon light. It was beaming across the kitchen floor at 5 p.m. Beautiful.
We sat on a blanket in the front yard all day: Penny, Lily, and me. Lily and I had to turn down an invitation to an arts and crafts fair because of the aforementioned tummy issues. So we stayed close to home and soaked up the warm sunshine. Not bad for the last day of winter.


Bethany said...

love the pic that you took in your car :)

kate o. said...

glad you found a csa! i really miss ours but i think i may have found a new one close to home.

Lindsay said...

Bethany, thanks. It sort of looks like we're driving through the desert, doesn't it?

Kate, I am so excited! I have been checking and waiting, and finally! I hope yours works out for you guys. :)