29 March 2010

For the Love of Strawberries

Since we moved south almost five years ago, strawberry season has been quite elusive. To be honest, I could never get a handle on when it was. In New York it's early June. In Alabama it's right now, on the front edge of spring.

I have been suffering sleepless nights and terrible headaches, and strawberries showed up at my house just in the knick of time. When a little girl gets whiny, get out the strawberries. Likewise, when a big girl (ahem, me) gets whiny, we too get out the strawberries.

I know that strawberries are packed with vitamin C, and that's reason enough to eat them up. But let's face it -- they are little red bulbs of natural sugar, and it doesn't get any better, especially when paired with a glass of vino on a particularly rough day.

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