11 March 2010

Beautiful Distractions

This week, on my quest to get an essay written for The Curator, I found myself a bit distracted. I mean, it's been seventy degrees outside and Adam hung our front screen door and flowers are blooming everywhere. It's all quite sudden and quite distracting. I'm staying the course, mind you, and will have my essay done on time (like when I finish writing this post), but there's been so many interesting things to look at.

Like this photo. Look at that light.

And this website. I'm always drawn to stuff like this -- creative, innovative, nonconformist. Fantastic!

And this project, particularly this post about being a writer. Yes, that about sums it up.

And list making. I like to make lists. I like to write out goals. I like the way my pen dances across the page.

Tomorrow is slated to be another beautiful day. What an end to the week!

1 comment:

jenni said...

Thanks a lot for these beautiful distractions. No really, thank you. :)