27 December 2009


There's no doubt that I will miss the Christmas lights when we take them down this week. I admit I probably went overboard with the bokeh, but what else is this fancy camera for than forcing those twinkly, bright little circles? I suggest that everyday be filled with twinkling lights, and have wracked my brain trying to think of a way to keep them as part of the decor without making our house look like a dorm. Ideas?

As we transition back into non-Christmas mode, I've been thinking about ways to add a bit of flavor to this grey house. (You have noticed that it's pretty grey around here, right?) We're stuck with the wall color, but I definitely think I can up the ante so this place looks less like a cave and more like a home.

As I'm resisting the temptation to write myself a thousand new year's resolutions (I've already made a pretty big one), I think that time spent making this place into a home is time well spent. So we won't call it a resolution. How about an ambition? That sounds better.


Alina said...

My favorite is the bottom right. What kind of camera do you use? And I love those soft trees.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Alina! I have a Nikon D40. It's not really fancy, but it's a heck of a lot better than my point-and-shoot.