13 December 2009

Soft Tree Weekend

I spent most of my weekend making soft trees. It's not that they're difficult to make; it's just that I've made over 30 of them and it's a bit tedious after a while.

Some of you will find them in your mailboxes. I wish I could make them for everyone I know, but it's too late this year. I'm finishing the last of them tonight and sending them off tomorrow, so if you'd like some, ask me around October next year. I'd be glad to oblige.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing the following:

:: Dinner with friends and playing Rock Band

:: Lots and lots of Lost (all the seasons are online at Netflix, and I'm rewatching from the beginning)

:: A Christmas party in the pouring rain

:: Ornaments hung on the tree, while watching football, drinking wine, and eating a baguette with brie

I hope you, too, enjoyed your weekend!


kate o. said...

i love those trees! did you follow a pattern or just wing it? too cute. maybe i'll make some up for next year. i saw some other cute ones on another blog (can't remember right now!) that were made with felt. love them.

Lindsay said...

Kate, I just posted the link to the pattern in a new post. I want to see yours when you make them! Also, I've seen the felt ones and they look a lot easier because they stand on their own and don't have to be stuffed. Maybe I'll make them next year. :)

johanna said...

i love the trees! very festive. merry lily's first christmas :)

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

the trees are great but that Lily tops them i'm afraid. .. precious precious video!!! i so want to hold her and play with her!!