21 September 2009

30 Days of Happiness | Dinner Together

It's rare that you find us eating at the table. We're usually parked on the couch, TV on, balancing our plates on our laps or pillows. Since we've started feeding Lily some solid food, Adam and I have decided it's time to start eating at the table. Soon enough, Lily will be sitting her high chair and we want meals to be shared with the three of us gathered in the dining room.

I think a lot about what kinds of things I hope Lily will remember from her childhood, and this is one that I want locked in -- that her parents worked together to make meals, that we blessed the food before we ate, that we sat the table and talked and laughed and ended our days together.

Today was a doozy. I was exhausted from not sleeping well, read papers all morning then taught all afternoon, and then backed up into another car backing up in the parking lot at the school and shattered my taillight. So when I came home to find that Adam had grilled steak and bought a bottle of wine, I was elated to sit down and recharge with my two favorite people (even if one of them went to bed about five minutes into dinner).


kate o. said...

what i wouldn't do for a whole beer right about now ;)

Lindsay said...

Wouldn't it be nice to sit outside and drink a beer and have a nice chat? Hopefully, someday we can do that.

In the meantime, I'll drink one for ya. ;)