01 July 2009

Two Months! Already?

This little person celebrates two months of extra-utero life today! How did she celebrate? By getting her first vaccination. Because I'm a granola mom who likes to do things a bit differently (see cloth diaper in picture below), we're following the alternative vaccination schedule recommended by Dr. Sears. So, Lily didn't get the Hep B shot at birth or one month. Today was the first one, DTaP, just in case she falls on a rusty nail or develops whooping cough. She also got to swallow some Rotavirus. It was a big day!

It's amazing to me how she's growing. Lily sucks her thumb, holds her head up pretty well, plays with toys hanging over her bouncy seat, and smiles a lot. This week, she started sleeping in nine hours stretches at night, and she knows all the choruses to "The Wheels on the Bus," sort of.

July is here and we Crandalls timidly approach the oncoming dog days of summer. We have received standing invitations to the beach and a friend's apartment swimming pool this summer. We also are looking forward to spending a week in August at a condo on the beach with my mom, stepdad, and brother. It might just make this summer heat tolerable.

Before we know it, it'll be time to go back to school. I've received my teaching assignment for the fall, two sections of composition on Mondays and Wednesdays (and I already have a sitter lined up -- yes!). It'll be Adam's final semester, and he'll be gearing up to take the paramedic registry test in December. By then, I'll be rejoicing in cooler temperatures.

For now, happy July, one and all!

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