30 July 2009

My Kick-Butt Diaper Bag

I bought Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby over a month ago and finally made this diaper bag today. Of course, it helped that my sewing machine stopped bunching the thread every time I sewed and started sewing a straight, even stitch again -- after I spent over an hour adjusting the tension.

The bag really was a simple sew (Lotta's not kidding). It took me a little over an hour, start to finish. I got the fabric from a little shop about a block from our house that specializes in upholstery fabric. I may even make myself another one, slightly modified, to carry books and graded papers to and from my classes.

Speaking of classes, I haven't even touched my syllabus. I have a smidge of guilt over it, but I'm sure it will all disappear on Saturday (then rear its head when we return from the beach). Classes start in two and a half weeks, and I'm in a bit of denial about working again.

This summer, in spite of its disappointments, has rocked and I've loved (almost) every minute I've gotten to spend with Lily. But I keep reminding myself that it's healthy for her and me to spend some time apart, and it's good for me to be out interacting with other adults (or college freshmen, as the case may be).


kate o. said...

good work! and that fabric is awesome. do you know who the designer is?

now the big test - is it a good diaper bag???

Lindsay said...

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I didn't check to see who made the fabric -- but I love it too!

Is it a good diaper bag? Not really. I don't think it's big enough and it needs more pockets (there are just the two on the front). It's adequate, but if I were to make it again (which I fully intend to do), I'd make it bigger with interior pockets and a liner. This one may transition to carry the few books I'll have to take with me to class when I teach. We'll see!