11 April 2009


Today, the weather is wonderful and clothes are hanging on the clothesline. I find having hanging clothes outdoors so liberating -- like I'm no longer a slave to the dryer, just the sunshine. We went to the grocery store this morning, and I realized that it's a realistic possibility that we might not make it to the grocery store next week, if the baby shows up before then. It's a surreal feeling.

The past few days, I've sequestered myself away from the computer. After sitting in front of one forty hours a week for the last umpteen weeks, it's liberating not to have to flip it on in the morning and constantly check to see what's going on in the virtual world. But, now that my camera is back in action, I will return to taking and posting my daily photographs, and find the balance between domestic life and technology.

And happy Easter to everyone. He is risen, indeed!

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