25 March 2009

What I Might Do

With just a handful of days left prebaby, I have been accumulating a mental checklist of to do's. In trying to keep life simple, my to do lists have gone by the wayside. And in looking toward maternity leave, I imagine the concept of a timetable will become foreign save for the rising and falling of the sun. But in these last days of pregnancy, here's what I hope to do:

*Go to a local farm to find out what kind of goodies they have

*Purchase knitting supplies so I can learn how to knit

*Get maternity portraits taken

*Finish reading A Wrinkle in Time

*Take lots of naps and watch as much TV as I want

My postbaby list is quite a bit more extensive, but I prefer to keep it in my head so I can forget things I want to do and not get overwhelmed. And in the interest of keeping life simple, I don't want any lists or goals hanging over my head as I adjust to being a mama. Really, nothing on a to do list can compare to the big to do of motherhood.


Matthew said...

Don't tell me you'd never read A Wrinkle in Time?! Re-reading, perhaps, or is this your maiden voyage? I loved that series when I was younger. LOVED it.

kate o. said...

but now you have me curious as to what is on your postbaby list ;)

i think you are wise, though. keep things calm.

Lindsay said...

Matt, I've read and reread A Wrinkle in Time many times. It's definitely a classic. :)

Kate, maybe I'll let my postbaby list leak. ;) I'm going to learn how to knit, for sure. (Hopefully, my mom will teach me when she visits.)