17 March 2009

Moving Along

I'm still amazed at how quickly the weeks are passing. Is March really more than half over?

I'm still happily taking a photo a day, though some days are more difficult than others. I read suggestions for how to keep it fresh, the main one being to take a picture of something special you do everyday, but it's harder than it sounds. The fact is, I don't do something special every day and my weekdays are boring -- go to work, come home tired, maybe crack a book, watch more TV than I'd like to admit.

And I'm okay with it being boring. It's going to get exciting all too soon.

This weekend, one of the circuits in our house broke, leaving the outlets in the living room, dining room, and part of our bedroom unusable. It should be fixed today, after the monsoon that was this weekend, but Sunday we ran an extension cord through the house so we could watch a little TV. We watched the announcement of teams for March Madness and planned our respective brackets, something we do every year, though I don't know much about any of the teams. Yesterday, we both made our picks.

Sunday, I also went a little crazy cleaning, aka. nesting, and pulled everything out of the cupboards in the bathroom, reorganized it, and put it back along with little baby towels, washcloths, and shampoos. But I overdid it and am still very sore. That same day, I also was tending to the garden in the rain, sunk in (thank goodness for wellies), and fell onto my butt. Adam had to rescue me, but I think I bruised my tailbone. It's killing me today.

Last night, Adam set everything up for me to take a bath, so I could relax my sore, pregnant self. He put out the Real Simple that came in the mail, the book I'm currently reading, and a glass so I could have a teeny bit of wine. While I soaked and flipped pages, he made homemade pizza for dinner. I just enjoyed the quiet while our little cat crept up to the tub, poking her head over the edge to see what I was doing. When I'd look over at her, she'd take off running and I would laugh.

Our baby is due five weeks from today. I set up an online baby pool for anyone who'd like to make a guess about the baby and the upcoming birth. Click here and play along!


jenni said...

A teeny bit of wine? That's my kind of pregnancy. Our cat, Harley, does the same thing when I'm in the tub. :)

Lindsay said...

Okay, it might have been close to a full glass, but everything in moderation, right? And cats are a lot funnier than I thought. I'm glad we have one (even if she thinks all the baby stuff is hers).