23 March 2009

Lazy Weekend and My Sad Little Camera

Saturday morning started at 5:30, with two small animals using my bed as a trampoline. I tried my best to get back to sleep, but finally got up around seven just to realize we had no milk left for me to put in my coffee (even though it has no caffeine, I still get a psychological rush from drinking it). I got dressed and drove myself to the grocery store where I knew I could get a hot cup of coffee, milk, and, you know, food. As I pulled into the parking lot, Adam called and said he wasn't working 12 hours of overtime; it was actually 24. He wouldn't be home until Sunday morning.

Once I finished grocery shopping, spending much less than I anticipated, I drove home and listened to Bob Edwards Weekend, unpacked the groceries, started a load of laundry, and laid on the couch. For two hours. I was totally wiped out. The rest of the day, I went to the gym, finished the laundry, took another nap, made dinner, and watched a film I really enjoyed, Rachel Getting Married.

And I'll admit that being so lazy was great.

Yesterday was more of the same. Adam and I went for coffee and bagels, catching up after not seeing each other for two days. Then we stopped at the store, took the dog for a walk, and watched basketball all afternoon. He fixed the posts for our clothesline, and I sat in the sunshine talking on the phone with a friend before sewing new pillow covers for the living room.

But when I went to take a photograph of said pillow covers, I discovered that our camera is not functioning properly. It seems to be working fine (making all the appropriate noises) but takes pictures but of nothing. Nothing shows up on the display window and the lens isn't responding to changes in light. When it takes a photo, it's just white. I was not very happy.

So now, with less than a month left to my due date, we have a malfunctioning camera that needs to be repaired. And, sadly, I was unable to take my picture for the day for the first time in 80 days. I'm pretty bummed. Hopefully it's an easy (and cheap!) repair. We have money that we could use toward a new camera, but it's really supposed to be used for paying bills while I'm out of work. Grrr.

A sad end to a lovely weekend.

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jenni said...

I think being that pregnant entitles you to some laziness. So sorry about your camera! I hope it gets fixed soon, too.