10 February 2009

No Kitty Here

It's been a busy couple of days, but I've survived. Both of the articles that had to get written are finished. I hope never to get sick right before deadlines again. I also hope to get a handle on my procrastinating. I'm certainly not making things easy on myself.

Our little kitten, Scooter, went to the vet this morning to get spayed and declawed. All weekend, she meowed day and night and rubbed herself all over the floor, the doorframes, Adam's shoes, me. It was quite evident that we had waited a bit too long to get her fixed, but thankfully our tax refund comes in this week and part of it will pay for her surgery. I hate having to get her claws removed, but we decided it was best in order to avoid any accidents with the baby. So, tonight Scooter stays at the vet, and Adam and I will hopefully get a full and quiet night's rest.

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