20 February 2009

Mardi Gras on The Curator

Today, I have another article up at The Curator, which you can read here. This time I wrote about Mardi Gras's origins in Mobile, Alabama, and the 2008 documentary, The Order of Myths, about Mobile's Mardi Gras celebration. Not being from this part of the country, I knew very little about Mardi Gras, how it's run, and its cultural dynamics. The Order of Myths was especially interesting as it focuses on the role that race relations play in the yearly celebration, something of which I was completely ignorant. I have learned an incredible amount about Mardi Gras, and have to thank a coworker who is in a Mardi Gras society for filling in all the gaps that my research left.

Have a happy Friday, everyone! May your day be filled with beads and peanut butter Moon Pies.